The 4 common myths that got you stuck in your dead-end job, and how to overcome them.

Do you hate your dead-end job?  Your boss is a jerk, the commute is terrible, no one listens to anything you say anyway.  So, why do you still work there?

If you are reading this, you may be ready for the tough love you need to get unstuck:  The reasons you are still slaving away in a dead-end job that you hate are just excuses, not reality.  You are not really stuck.  You just think you are.

Let’s examine the most common myths that are holding you back from achieving the greatness you deserve.

Myth #1:  This job offers me stability, benefits and long-term income.

Reality:  You are putting control of your life in someone else’s hands.  This is not guaranteed, stable or smart.  Trusting your boss or your company to take care of you is nuts.  You could walk in the door and learn that you have been downsized at any moment.

Do you know who really has your best interest at heart? . . . You!

Guess who the best boss would be for you?  No surprise here. . . it’s you!

Trust yourself, protect yourself, create your own income.  Then you can decide who stays and who goes in your company.  Giving control of your income, success and self-worth to another human is not your best idea.  No one is better qualified to look out for your best interests than the talented person in the mirror.

If you want stability, build it.  If you want benefits, create the income to provide them for yourself.  If you need long-term income, don’t gamble by hoping your job is secure, create long-term income for yourself.  Your dead-end job is giving you the illusion of stability.  Only you can create stability in your life.

Myth:  I can’t afford to quit.

Reality:  Only 20% of workers in America are self-employed, but they make up two-thirds of the Millionaires.  Wrap your head around that one!  If you work for someone else your income is capped.  You will never make more than your boss.  If you want unlimited earning power your best chance is to quit your job.  But be careful!  Many people who are self-employed cap themselves by exchanging their time for money.  Charging $X per hour for your time is still a job, even if you’re self-employed.  You just happen to own your own job.  This is not the path to financial freedom.  Financial freedom is achieved when you build a system, business or investment, that earns money even when you are not working.  Income that continues to roll in when you are sleeping, traveling or retired is the goal.  Financial freedom occurs when money and people are working to grow your wealth, even when you take a break.

Myth:  Quitting makes me a quitter.

Reality:  When you started your new job you were happy.  It’s exciting to get a fresh start and you were probably energized and excited to make a big difference and climb that corporate ladder.  Now that the honeymoon phase is worn off you are coming back down to reality and realizing that this job sucks.  Don’t be so hard on yourself.  You didn’t make a huge mistake when you took the job, you just didn’t see the whole picture at first.  It’s ok.  Get up, brush yourself off, and start chasing your dreams again.  Don’t give up on your dreams just because you are complacent where you are.  Staying in your dead-end job makes you a quitter.  Freeing yourself up to do something better is chasing your dreams.

Myth:  My friends and family will think I’m a loser if I quit my job.

Reality:  Judgement from others is a big one.  What will my parents think?  If I try and fail my friends will all say they told me so!  It’s important not to underestimate how hard it is to overcome this obstacle.  No one wants to be the laughing stock of the social circle.  And let’s face it, you are breaking the mold, which means you are questioning the way other people live their life.  It’s natural for them to reject this idea.  Because if you are right, and having a job is for suckers, then what does that make them?

Dr. Seuss said it best: “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?”

The Joneses are overrated.  No one ever became a rock star by trying to keep up with the Joneses.  Normal is not worth the sacrifice.  Normal is average and average is not good enough.  You are going to have to put on your big britches here and break the mold if you want to do amazing things with your life!

I’m ready!  Now what?

Quitting your dead-end job and choosing the path to financial and personal freedom is not easy and quick.  But it can be much easier and quicker than you think.

You can break free.  Lots of people have done it before you.  Many of them are not even as smart as you are.  Some of them don’t work 80 hours a week and many of them didn’t take decades to do it.  What do they know that you don’t know?  Now, there is the million-dollar question.

Learning from a mentor or coach will save you lots of time and energy that can catapult you to the next level faster than you ever imagined.  You have a lot of hard work to do and it helps to have a community supporting you.  (Like the one here at The Happy Jobless Life!)  You must create a business, build a system and learn to invest wisely.  But don’t worry!  I promise that awakening your inner entrepreneur will be a lot more fun than that dead-end job you’ve been dragging yourself to!

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