How Big Do They Get?

Julianas are the smallest breed of pig in the United States.  They grow until they are 3-5 years old and reach 15″ – 17″ tall.  They are short and stout like a bulldog.  Our adult’s pictures, complete with measurements, are available to see on our “Breeding Pigs” page found here:

Height is based on genetics, weight depends on what you feed them and how much exercise they get.  Pigs are prone to obesity and grow based on what they are fed.  Mine are fed vegetables, grass and miniature pig pellets, but not given junk food, scraps, dog food, etc.

While Julianas are miniature pigs and make great house pets, there is no such thing as a “teacup pig” or “micropig”, these are just marketing terms.  Our pigs as adults fit very comfortably through a dog door and can snuggle on the couch.  Most dogs are bigger than our pigs.  They are small enough to make great pets, but no breeder has pigs small enough to fit in your purse as an adult.  If someone promises you a 10 or 20 pound adult they are either misinformed or misleading you, no such animal exists.  In fact, the Chinese are working on a genetically modified cloned pig that will stay 30 pounds in adulthood.  So please use common sense when choosing a breeder.  If a breeder already has 30 pound adult pigs, then why would scientists be genetically engineering one?

Pigs can be bred very young, so when talking to breeders make sure to see their adults and know that pigs under 3 years old still have some growing to do.

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