Hate your job? The Happy Jobless Life is the answer.

A recent Gallup Poll has revealed something shocking. . . 70% of American workers hate their job! If you can relate to this statistic, The Happy Jobless Life is here to inspire you to take control and choose a different path.

70% is crazy! Why are most Americans wasting their lives working in jobs that they hate? Stop wasting your potential, wasting your time and wasting your LIFE doing anything that you do not love!

The number one reason Americans hate their jobs is because of their boss. It’s no surprise that lousy managers are horrible for our overall happiness. But there are other reasons to hate your job too. Some of the most common include not enough vacation time, not happy with pay, too long of a commute, no room for advancement, not being challenged, not having a voice and too much red tape. Life is just too short for cubicles, traffic jams, meetings and office politics.

If this sounds familiar to you and you are ready to make a change, you are in the right place! Achieving “The Happy Jobless Life” is not only possible, but much easier than you ever imagined.

“The Happy Jobless Life” is about finding your place in this world. A place where there is true work-life balance. It’s about using your time productively, making a difference and living your dreams.

Remember the last time you worked on a project that you loved? Think of that time and how energized you were. When you feel like you are in your zone and are passionately working on something that means the world to you, it’s effortless and fun to get things done. When you learn how to spend your whole life in this zone, that is what we call “The Happy Jobless Life.”  When you are locked in a job you hate, you are not accomplishing anything remarkable.

It is time to re-train your brain. A paradigm shift is in order.  The thing you must do to change your life forever is to look at the world from a different angle. It isn’t hard. It doesn’t take years. It’s just a shift in perception. If you want to be happy, do what happy people do. If you want a Happy Jobless Life, we can show you how.

“The Happy Jobless Life” is going to teach you:

  • What successful people do differently.
  • Why some people achieve enormous success and wealth while others get stuck in mediocracy.
  • How to make money when you are sleeping.
  • Why you should stop giving away your Monday thru Friday and squeezing your life into the weekend.
  • How to find the time and money to travel, spend time with your kids and live the life of your dreams.
  • How to craft your own life, your own way, on your own terms.
  • Why it is possible to make much more money, in fewer hours, than you have ever imagined.
  • How you have been programed by parents, teachers, and others to believe their dreams are your own.
  • Why being at the office all day is a huge waste of time if you are not engaged in meaningful activity.

Living the life of your dreams is not easy, but the hard work will be fun.  Because you will be doing things you didn’t even realize you were capable of.  The path is not the same for everyone.  Maybe it’s starting a business, or investing in real estate.  Learning the stock market or writing a book may be your path.  What we will discover together is which of your personal talents is the one that can lead to passive income, financial freedom and escape from the 9-5 insanity that has been wasting your potential.

There are lots of people living at the beach and traveling the world right now!  You can be one of them.  If you are ready to find the inspiration to quit your job, live your dreams and gain a more abundant life, follow us on Facebook here and follow The Happy Jobless Life blog here.

What are the reasons you hate your job and are finally ready to make a change? Share your thoughts below.

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Ashley Aakre is an author and serial entrepreneur.

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The Happy Jobless life is here to help you find inspiration to quit your job, live your dreams and gain a more abundant life.

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