I am an Author.

I write blogs for my four businesses which are found on this website.  I am also working on writing my first book.  The title is not yet determined, but the blog that represents it is called “The Happy Jobless Life”.  It will be a guide to quitting your job, finding your own path to financial freedom and having the life you always dreamed of.

I am an Entrepreneur.

I own three businesses.  Sir Carpet is a highly-rated and very respected carpet, tile and upholstery cleaning business that strives to exceed customer expectations at every opportunity.  Lil’ Smokies Julianas is a reputable breeder of Registered Juliana miniature pet pigs that is dedicated to creating awareness about these unique pets.  And RV4RentAZ.com is a business dedicated to renting RV’s to families looking for the vacation of a lifetime.

I am a Supermom.

I live on a 2-acre hobby farm in Queen Creek, Arizona.  It is complete with a horse, chickens, pigs, dairy goats, orchard, garden and happy kids.  I share this dream with my life partner, soul mate, better half and partner in crime, Tom.  Our life mission is to help our 5 beautifully unique children transition into the very best adults they can be.

I am a Badass Multitasking Extraordinaire.

Seriously.  I earned this job title.  While writing this post I have gotten up four times despite locking the doors to my home office.  Once to ask my kids to stop jumping on my bed, once to help Tom find the skillet to make breakfast, once to negotiate xbox hours with my son, and once to feed a pig that was begging me for breakfast.  And the day is just getting started.

But make no mistake, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Because what I don’t have is a job.  I don’t have a boss.  I don’t have a rush hour commute or a cubicle or a set number of vacation days.  I don’t have to work for 40 hours each week.  And I don’t have to go to meetings where we redundantly discuss past and future meetings.

Sometimes it is what we don’t have that defines our success.